About The Side Woo Collective

The Side Woo Collective is an inclusive artist collective founded by artist Sarah Thibault that features workshops, special events and live talks with creative professionals in Los Angeles and online all over the globe. 

It was created as a community that aligns art-making with spirituality, generosity and personal growth, in hopes of providing an alternative to the capitalist-driven art market. The collective is meant as a funnel for students and teachers to learn and grow together. 

The Side Woo Collective's identity remains fluid and will shift to meet the needs of its community and its members. 



About Sarah Thibault 

Sarah is the Founder of The Side Woo Collective and The Side Woo Podcast. She is an artist, writer, tarot reader, psychic medium and podcast host based in Los Angeles, CA.  You can learn more about her artwork at sarahthibault.com and at @sarah_thibault on Instagram

As a tarot reader, she focuses on interpreting the prevailing energies of a situation to develop new strategies and gain new perspectives.

As a medium, she connects with departed loved ones and guides, as well as earth-bound spirits and other entities that pertain to her clients. These sessions are meant for closure, healing and building a greater sense of love and connection to the world. 

Woo Credentials
Certified Attachment Removal Specialist and Message Medium with Amy Major 
Level II Reiki with Beth Wishbow 
12-Week Major Arcana Tarot Course & 4-Week Minor Arcana Course with Amelia Whitehouse of Carnelian Keep